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Photos from the 40th Town twinning Anniversary visit in May 2012 to Marly-le-Roi
Page 1 of 3 - Taken by Jean-Francois & Maryse Fogelgesang


Coach Arrives Chateau de La Roche-Guyon Going to Lunch Lunch at La Roche-Guyon Chateau Villarceaux 18th C Gowns inside Chateau Sedan Chair inside Chateau 18th C Gown inside Chateau 40th Anniversaire - Speeches 40th Les Jumelages Speeches Re-signing of Town Twinning Marlow Oars to Marly-le-Roi <small>(taken by SA)</small> Marlow Firemens Gift Gift from Marly-le-Roi Firemen Gift from Marlow Gift from Marly Patrick Gautier's Mini At the Marly Rowing Club The Sun Queen Saturday Soiree Soiree - Soleil Les Amis Jumelage Soiree - Ballet Soiree - Ballet Soiree - Buffet For the Toast Let's Jive Day out on Sunday


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